Tintri provides next generation Virtual Machine aware storage for Software Defined Data Center environments.

The spectacular success of server virtualization begs the big question: What comes next? Can the same practice on servers be applied to the rest of the data center? This is what gives rise to the concept of software-defined data center (SDDC) — a data center with infrastructure fundamentally more flexible, automated and cost-effective; infrastructures that understand application workloads and can automatically and efficiently allocate pooled resources to match application demands. Rather than construct data centers full of over-provisioned and siloed resources, a SDDC would more efficiently utilize and share all aspects of the infrastructure.  

While servers, and to a lesser extent networking, started down the SDDC path a few years ago, storage lags significantly behind and continues to be the primary pain point in the data center today. Fortunately, some of the key technologies that brought the sweeping changes to servers and networks are taking shape for storage. The time is right for a new generation of storage that will boldly go where legacy storage has never been or will ever go – storage that’s simple to manage, agile like cloud, responsive to the needs of applications, and delivers performance that puts plain old disks to shame.

Tintri offers the following advantages:

Simplicty -

  • Up and running in minutes
  • No complicated network or SAN configuration
  • Protect and restore VMs with just a few mouse clicks
  • VM-level data management with advanced snapshots, cloning and replication

Efficiency -

  • Flash-based platform delivers optimal performance for virtual applications
  • Pinpoint performance issues at VM level in real time – eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • Per-vDisk QoS and auto-alignment eliminate need for manual tuning — automates manual tasks
  • Dedupe and compression for both flash storage and WAN utilization

Agility -

  • Scale to thousands of VMs
  • Set VM-level data protection policies
  • Instantaneous cloning from VMware vSphere Client, VMware vCloud Director and VMware View

Cost effective -

  • Only storage platform to support both virtual desktops and servers simultaneously
  • Delivers the industry’s best cost per workload
  • Flash-based performance enables the highest VM-density, saving both capital and operating costs
  • Plug and play scalability — ability to add Tintri VMstore nodes when needed