Centerity software focuses on developing monitoring solutions & software management products, by developing & enhancing best of breed open source components into enterprise service management solutions.


BSM is the integrated, service-oriented management strategy whereby users are given a holistic view of all information systems, IT infrastructure and services so that process views can recognize and correlate the relationships between elements and across technological and departmental domains thereby putting performance metrics in context to support business and IT objectives. Traditional BSM systems, due to product complexity plus acquisition, integration and maintenance costs made the achievement of true BSM impractical for the vast majority of IT organizations – until now. 

Centerity is designed as an all-encompassing, enterprise-class platform capable of capturing performance metrics from all layers of the monitoring stack including the physical layer, the network layer and the application layer plus an additional synthetic end-user experience layer so that all these metrics can be correlated and analyzed per defined business processes and SLAs to give organizations a comprehensive view of IT availability, performance and status. This includes the holistic monitoring of cloud assets, whether public or private, physical or virtual environments (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.) and SaaS services.


Information from these systems are then presented in dashboard views, to easily get an overview of your system or architecture performance.


Centerity has also been recognised by several analysts.